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Vessel & Glaze

Glossy/Matte Clear or Transparent Liquid Glaze - Vessel & Glaze

Glossy/Matte Clear or Transparent Liquid Glaze - Vessel & Glaze

Clear Gloss (Liquid) is a lustrous finishing glaze coat specifically suggested for combining with underglazes to minimize the likelihood of color alteration. It brings out the vibrant hues of most underglazes, stains, and coloring oxides. Firing Temperature between 1180 to 1250 °C. Designed to add a stunning, glass-like finish to your ceramic creations. Crafted with a precise mixture of high-quality material, this glaze ensures exceptional clarity and brilliance, making it ideal for showcasing the vibrant colors of your ceramics.

Our Transparent Matte Glaze (Liquid) offers a unique, velvety finish that transforms your ceramics into timeless pieces of art. It adds a subtle, sophisticated touch that complements a wide range of artistic styles. Firing Temperature between 1180 to 1250 °C. Crafted to achieve matte finish to your ceramic creations and formulated with carefully balanced blend of premium ceramic materials. This unique mixture includes a combination of finely ground minerals and specialized compounds.

*The containers used for the liquid glazes are HDPE chemical containers with non-spill or anti-leak cover.
It is formulated to be Food-safe and Non-toxic, ensuring that your ceramics are safe for everyday use.

1. Before using the glaze, give it a good shake or stir to ensure that any settled particles are evenly distributed.
2. If your glaze has been sitting for a while and appears to be thickening or separating, you can add a small amount of gum solution to it.
3. Optional. Add 2% (by glaze volume) of Gum Solution by Vessel and Glaze© then mix thoroughly.

Application 1 (Dip):
1. Prepare a container large enough to allow entire piece to be submerged in glaze mixture.
2. Recommended. Apply Wax Resist by Vessel and Glaze© at areas not to be glazed.
3. Dip piece entirely in glaze for a few seconds before slowly lifting it up to allow excess glaze to drip back into container.
4. Inspect for drips or uneven areas. Use a clean sponge or brush to touch up and remove excess glaze if needed.
5. Typically, one dip is sufficient to achieve a consistent and even coating.

Application 2 (brush, sponge, spray):
1. With a brush, sponge, or spray, apply glaze mixture to ceramics. 
2. Apply a thin, even coat.
3. The goal is to achieve a smooth and uniform surface.

Note: Different application methods can result in varying outcomes. We recommend conducting test on a small section or a test piece before applying to the entire work.

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